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First of all, this platform is about you, not about us. We curate products and content that can help you to simply feel good. And who doesn’t want that right? 

Life does not have to be a routine of 9-5s, OTs and TV streaming.


Here at BLISS ME, we believe that every moment of your day can count towards something magical. In this non-stop city, we never give enough time to ourselves, only to distractions and noises that does not serve us. 


So take some time out and find a moment that you can call your own, even if its just for a 2 minutes of blissful calm to an hour of mind and body stimulating yoga. 


Find what makes you YOU!







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Tweety WONG

A smoothie queen who loves to experiment! A lifelong vegetarian, she has always sought alternative diets and lifestyles to live better. She has found her Bliss in Yoga and gained her teaching certification and pursues the fulfilling role of being a yoga teacher. She believes life is all about balance, and as well as running Bliss Me, she dedicates her spare time to her passion to inspire students throughout Hong Kong. 


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